SAP Training and Adoption Portfolio Gets New Upgrades for Business Success

SAP is enhancing its SAP Training and Adoption portfolio of online courses and training designed to drive software adoption, employee success, and business outcomes.

As businesses have accelerated their digital transformations, demand for an effective digital learning experience has skyrocketed. SAP Training and Adoption is changing to meet the new demand, providing trainees with the flexibility to learn at their own pace, from anywhere at any time.

“Our vision for SAP Training and Adoption is to proactively equip our SAP customers, partners and their users with the right knowledge and skills to successfully implement and use SAP products and services, and ultimately achieve their professional and business goals,” said Eva Zauke, chief knowledge officer, SAP. “Since each of today’s and tomorrows’ trainees learns differently, and because learning topics and technologies will continue to grow and evolve, SAP Training and Adoption is focused on helping customers and partners not only learn about latest innovations but also apply new skills – adopt them into the way they work – so that they are best prepared for their future success.”

SAP Training and Adoption provides continuous learning, which helps accelerate productivity and keep pace with technological advancements.

Whether used online or on-site, SAP Training and Adoption provides solutions and services designed to ease customer adoption and use of SAP technology.

The portfolio covers a full range of SAP products, solutions and technologies, including the most up-to-date training for cloud solutions from SAP, available with new updates and software releases.

Direct from the product experts at SAP, these unique offerings enable greater personal success for employees and facilitate future innovation.

By supporting SAP customers and partners at every level and role in developing skills, including reskilling and optimizing their use of SAP solutions, SAP Training and Adoption helps to deliver transformative business outcomes.

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