SAP Unveils Improved Version of its Digitally Native Customer Engagement Offering

SAP is introducing an upgraded version of the SAP Digital for Customer Engagement solution to enable organizations to better manage connections, reach more customers, and get better business insights powered by the SAP HANA platform.

This digitally native offering is a simplified cloud customer relationship management solution designed to meet the needs of individuals and small teams, but with enterprise-grade capabilities for both sales and customer service.

SAP Digital for Customer Engagement was originally introduced in May 2015. Since its initial release, more than 3,000 orders have been placed for it on, according to SAP.

New features and capabilities are aimed at providing a seamless connection to every customer and every sale, including email marketing functionality to increase productivity, sales forecasting capabilities, access to a social help desk (via Twitter) for online collaboration and feedback, the ability to sell anywhere with included native mobile apps, easier onboarding for teams, and enhanced data-access management options for leaders, and  new built-in reports that provide insights into sales and service issues.

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