SAP Unveils New Services in SAP HANA Cloud

SAP is introducing new service components of the SAP HANA Cloud database that allow customers to handle ever-growing amounts of transactional and analytical data in data-intensive, highly regulated industries.

The new services in SAP HANA Cloud are a core component of SAP Business Technology Platform aimed at providing users with a high-performance, cloud-native data management environment that supports increased scalability and flexibility, on-demand provisioning, and consumption-based pricing.

The latest release of SAP HANA Cloud allows customers, including the many financial services companies using reliable and proven Sybase data management solutions, to elastically scale their systems in the cloud and better manage infrastructure costs related to processing power and storage.

SAP HANA Cloud services are currently or will be available for deployment on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, AliCloud, and Google Cloud Services by year-end, providing customers with choice of cloud service providers.

“The new SAP HANA Cloud services are the perfect fit for on-premise customers looking to move to the cloud while maintaining the highest levels of security and uptime,” said Irfan Khan, president of SAP HANA Database & Analytics. “As our customers move or extend their landscapes into SAP HANA Cloud, they can expect faster provisioning, elastic and scalable cloud qualities, a fully managed database-as-a service, hardware infrastructure and consumption-based pricing.”

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise and its replication capabilities are proven to excel in processing high volumes of short, fast transactions for customers in industries where performance and security are paramount. In the financial industry, customers use it to support mission-critical global trading activities, for conducting risk analysis, and much more across the trade lifecycle.

Meanwhile, telecommunication companies use it to process phone call data and client subscriptions. The SAP ASE component of SAP HANA Cloud is highly compatible with its on-premise releases, so customers can continue utilizing existing investment.

Also, the new cloud service retains its ease of use with standard SQL-based applications for porting of applications from other databases to SAP HANA Cloud quickly and easily.

The built-in data lake component of SAP HANA Cloud is used to store and analyze massive amounts of data at petabyte scale.

It is built on proven data lake scale technology from SAP IQ, allowing users to store and query huge quantities of data quickly and efficiently in the cloud. The high-performance analytics capabilities are where the data lake shines, as all the stored data stays readily accessible for analysis.

SAP HANA Cloud is also being updated for full compatibility with existing on-premise SAP IQ databases, so that customers can continue to gain value from their existing and historical data.

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