SAP and Oracle to Settle Long Legal Battle Over TomorrowNow

Oracle and SAP are ending their legal battle through a settlement in which SAP will pay Oracle $359 million.

An appeals court in August dismissed a $1.3 billion jury award against SAP, pinpointing Oracle’s damages at $356.7 million, according to a Wall Street Journal report by Don Clark, which also noted that SAP agreed to pay that amount - plus interest - on top of previously paying Oracle $120 million for legal fees and dismissal of some legal claims.

The SAP-Oracle conflict began early in 2007 when Oracle sued SAP claiming that SAP stole Oracle’s trade secrets. Oracle claimed that TomorrowNow, a subsidiary of SAP, had accessed Oracle’s software documentation inappropriately.

The TomorrowNow business was closed down by SAP in 2008. 

Both parties expressed satisfaction with the resolution of the case. 

“We are thrilled about this landmark recovery and extremely gratified that our efforts to protect innovation and our shareholder’s interests are duly rewarded," said Oracle general counsel Dorian Daley in a statement provided to DBTA regarding the settlement. "This sends a strong message to those who would prefer to cheat than compete fairly and legally.”

SAP is pleased to confirm that  in the Oracle v. SAP litigation, both parties have agreed in a stipulation to the United States District Court that Oracle will accept a $356.7 million damages award instead of a new trial or further appeal," SAP said in a statement sent to DBTA. "We expect the Court will enter the final judgment shortly.   We are also pleased that, overall, the Courts hearing this case ultimately accepted SAP’s arguments to limit Oracle’s excessive damages claims and that Oracle has finally chosen to end this matter.”