SDS Releases Enhanced Mainframe Monitoring Suite

Software Diversified Services announced it is shipping an enhanced version of its mainframe management tool suite, designed to improve system monitoring, problem resolution, and capacity capping to manage expenses. SDS’ latest VitalSigns suite of z/OS management and security software includes a number of new components intended to provide greater real-time monitoring of systems.

The vendor announced it is shipping VitalSigns for IP (VIP) version 8.1, which is intended to simplify security by supporting IBM pass-phrases and z/OS Communication Servers configured for AT-TLS encryption. It expands monitoring capability to include IBM's new versions of OSA and Sysplex Distributors using IPv6 addresses. New intelligence built into VIP's graphic interface bring immediate results to problem-diagnosis work.

The latest release also includes VitalSigns for Network Automation and Control—VNAC 5.0.1, which uses advanced storage efficiencies to reduce overhead costs, and it provides a set of REXX pipe stages to simplify automatic response and system-repair routines.

VitalSigns for FTP (VFTP 3.0.E) integrates the standard z/OS SAF security tools—RACF, ACF2, and TopSecret—with the z/OS FTP server. This is designed to help administrators more easily provide file transfer commands and services to individual users on a strictly need-to-have basis, the vendor said.

SDS also said it has joined with zIT Consulting GmbH to provide US data centers with automated, and real-time-responsive dynamic capping that will help lower monthly software license charges by at least two percent to 20%. The core of the offering will be SDS’ zDynaCap, a workload balancing tool that helps IT managers recognize the difference between urgent, time-critical tasks and lower-priority workloads that can be briefly postponed, thus avoiding steep peaks in demand and associated expense.

"zDynaCap makes the most efficient use possible of existing capacity," said Jim Lampi, vice president of SDS. "This software monitors all the pricing-relevant thresholds in real time, and reacts immediately and automatically."

zDynaCap distributes workload among user-defined groups and subgroups of LPARs, according to user-defined balancing policies, MSU ranges, and workload priorities. SDS delivers zDynaCap as a plug-and-play product with an initial, user-specific configuration. Values set by zDynaCap can be overwritten temporarily or permanently, at any time.

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