SEPATON Speeds Backup Times with Deduplication for Multi-Streamed, Multiplexed Databases

SEPATON, Inc., which provides disk-based data protection solutions specifically designed for large enterprises, has released DeltaStorDBeXstream software, which is intended to enable the backup and restore of large databases at industry-leading rates while also delivering high capacity reduction through byte-differential deduplication. The software is part of the 6.1 release of its enterprise-optimized data protection software, which powers its S2100 systems.

Until now, no technology could effectively deduplicate databases that were backed up through multiple ports in parallel (multistreaming), forcing enterprises to choose either fast backup that enabled them to hit their backup windows, or efficient capacity reduction through deduplication which enabled them to reduce the cost of disk storage, asserts Linda Mentzer, vice president of product management and marketing, SEPATON.

“They had to make this trade-off - do I want speed of backup and restore, or do I want high deduplication ratios to reduce the cost of storing the data on disk?,” Mentzer tells 5 Minute Briefing.  “What we have done in this release is come up with our DeltaStor DBeXstream software that gives them the best of both worlds. They can get fast multi-stream, multiplex backups and restores for their large databases such as Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server, and they can also get really good deduplication ratios because this technology allows us to go in and look at that data and unscramble it and find duplicates.”

While Sepaton has done extensive performance testing in particular with Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server, all RDBMSs are supported by the DeltaStorDBeXstream software, notes Peter Quirk, director of product management at Sepaton.

In addition to DBeXstream the 6.1 release includes several other important innovations.  According to the company, SEPATON is the first-third party vendor to deliver Symantec-certified support for NetBackup OST A.I.R and Accelerator and also supports Optimized Synthetics and Granular Restore. The 6.1 release includes new hardware accelerated replication, increased daily system throughput, and transparent space reclamation across all backup applications.

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