SGI UV 300H is Certified for SAP S/4HANA and Advanced Analytics

SGI, a provider of high performance solutions for compute, data analytics and data management, announced that its SGI UV 300H is now certified to run the SAP HANA platform in controlled availability at 20-sockets - delivering up to 15 terabytes (TB) of in-memory computing capacity in a single node. The SGI UV 300H is the largest system certified for SAP S/4HANA and advanced analytics requiring a single-node solution.

SGI UV 300H is a specialized offering in the SGI UV server line for in-memory computing that allows enterprises to gain value from information in real-time and lower IT costs with SAP HANA. The system delivers performance advantages for businesses running SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) and complex analytics at high scale. The single-node simplicity also helps enterprises eliminate overhead associated with clustered environments, streamline high availability, and scale-up seamlessly as data volumes grow with near-linear performance.

"By working closely with SAP, we are helping make real-time a reality in the largest and most demanding application environments with the first 20-socket SAP HANA-certified in-memory server, the SGI UV 300H,” said Jorge Titinger, CEO of SGI.

Being integrated with the recently announced SAP HANA SPS10, the SGI UV 300H capitalizes on deep collaboration between SAP, Intel, and SGI to optimize SAP HANA-based workloads on multicore NUMA (non-uniform memory access) systems.

This enables enterprises to leverage single-node systems with very large memory capacity and CPU cores, allowing them to enjoy optimum application performance.

"The scale achieved by the SGI UV300H platform for SAP HANA is an important milestone for our customers," said Patrick Buddenbaum, general manager of Enterprise IT Solutions within Intel's Data Center Group.

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