SHARE Association Forms Strategic Partnership with Broadcom

SHARE Association and Broadcom have formed a strategic partnership focusing on mainframe advocacy and education. SHARE, an enterprise IT user group at the leading edge of education and training for the mainframe ecosystem, will join forces with Broadcom, a global technology provider that designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, to collaborate on initiatives and share industry insights for the advancement of the community.

Today, mainframes power the hybrid IT infrastructure of the economy with more than 70% of Fortune 500 enterprises relying upon mainframes for their most crucial business functions. As organizations focus on digital transformation, the mainframe serves as a core platform to drive innovation for delivering differentiated customer experiences. 

SHARE provides education, networking, and industry influence that helps organizations develop a sustainable mainframe talent pool now and into the future. “I am looking forward to a long partnership with Broadcom in the spirit of growing, supporting, and advancing SHARE and the ecosystem,” said Justin Bastin, SHARE president and CEO. “Broadcom is deepening their investment in SHARE and the ecosystem as a whole, and the future of the mainframe looks bright.”

The mainframe continues to evolve to provide the value and differentiation for business today with new applications and uses cases needed in today’s most critical business environments. SHARE is the place to gain knowledge on, connect with, and influence the mainframe industry.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with our long-standing partners at SHARE,” said Greg Lotko, senior vice president and general manager, Mainframe Division, Broadcom. “The mainframe plays an important role in helping customers realize the value of digital transformation. This partnership is an important part of our overall investment to address the skills gap and complements other programs we offer including our Mainframe Vitality Program.”

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