SHARE Study: Employers Seek More Skills in IT College Graduates

A recent study conducted among members of SHARE and readers of Database Trends and Applications finds that plans for hiring of new IT professionals are strong, reflecting a bounce-back from the recent recession. A majority of the 376 IT employers surveyed, however, express concerned about the caliber and capabilities of today's IT college graduates. This not only relates to new types of skill sets such as business intelligence and analytics, but also to longstanding foundational skills such as mainframe administration and programming. In addition, many employers find the technical graduates they recruit are severely lacking in core business skills.

The survey, sponsored by IBM and conducted early this year by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Technology Inc., and publisher of DBTA, finds a majority of employers depend on the educational sector - universities and colleges - to provide such skills, often in conjunction with their own internal training efforts. However, few of the executives and managers hiring out of colleges are entirely satisfied with the readiness of graduates.

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