SHI Launches Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

SHI International Corp., an IT solutions provider, is opening an online portal designed to help customers source, procure, and manage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions from leading cloud service providers. The SHI Cloud Marketplace, in combination with SHI’s traditional hardware and software offerings, enables SHI customers to consolidate their cloud computing subscription model from one with many individual providers to one with a single procurement and management infrastructure, the vendor said.

“For many of our customers, finding the best option can be a time consuming and expensive process,” said Thai Lee, President and CEO of SHI. “Many cloud platforms provide only half the equation. They either detail the cloud products available but don’t allow users to complete a purchase, or they provide a select set of subscription-based services without comparisons to other vendors.”

Side-by-side cost and feature comparisons of service offerings on the SHI Cloud Marketplace enable users to easily optimize, select, deploy, and redeploy their choices to match changing business requirements. Once selected, the SHI Cloud Marketplace handles registration and guides deployment. Adding the Cloud Marketplace to our traditional IT offerings enables customers to track all of their

software, hardware, and cloud-based infrastructure through a single, trusted partner to help monitor overall spend, reduce redundant purchases, and mitigate the risk of non-compliance,” said Lee.


At launch, the SHI Cloud Marketplace will include offerings from Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Microsoft (Windows Azure), VMware (vCHS), HP Cloud, and SHI Cloud. In the future, SHI expects to expand the number of cloud partners available through Cloud Marketplace to provide customers with more solutions that meet their desired functionality and performance.


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