SIOS LifeKeeper v9.7 Provides Reliable, Efficient, and Fast Recovery Protection for SAP HANA

SIOS Technology Corp., the provider of application high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions, is announcing the immediate availability of SIOS LifeKeeper v9.7 clustering software, enabling new, robust capabilities for SAP HANA environments.

IT teams are under tremendous pressure to deliver application availability for stateful applications. The pitfalls of a system disaster are not only a detriment to operational efficiency but come with a hefty price tag.

“If your SAP system goes down in a manufacturing plant, the order entry goes down, the manufacturing and scheduling goes down, the warehouse system is down, shipping, sales team—everything shuts down,” explained Margaret Hoagland, VP of global sales and marketing at SIOS Technology. “A minute of downtime is tremendously expensive, and IT teams are under pressure to keep those systems up and running.”

To combat this ever-looming IT pressure, Version 9.7 of SIOS LifeKeeper innovates on HA and DR functions for SAP HANA databases, enabling the deployment of a multitarget HA environment, where HANA operates on a primary node.

The solution optimizes workload balance and performance with the HANA multitarget feature, where a single cluster node can be leveraged as a read-enabled (active/active) secondary node to accommodate for read-intensive tasks—similar to a two-node SIOS cluster.

The HANA server replication mode replicates your disk from node A to node B in a synchronous manner, ensuring that when these nodes are run synchronously or asynchronously, that the data being written to one node is not acknowledged on node A until the replication is complete on both. This allows both nodes to stay exactly identical at all times; if SIOS LifeKeeper detects an issue in running the application, it will bring up one of the nodes so that the application can access an identical copy of the data in the HANA database, allowing you to resume operation quickly.

If failure or disaster were to occur, whether it be local, site-wide, or regional, HANA will failover to a secondary and/or tertiary target node, situated in a different cloud Availability Zone or on-prem recovery location.

“The SAP HANA database is a mission-critical workload for thousands of organizations around the world, whether they run on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination thereof. Ensuring the availability of the clusters that run SAP HANA is top priority, albeit not easy,” said Peter Rutten, research VP at IDC. “SIOS LifeKeeper has been designed to take away a lot of the pain with ensuring SAP HANA uptime.”

Featuring comprehensive health monitoring of the entire HANA instance stack and communication with associated cluster nodes, SIOS LifeKeeper ensures that the HANA database is continuously operating at optimized efficiency.

“Our SIOS LifeKeeper product is designed to deliver out-of-box stability and tuning, and simplify Linux clustering altogether,” said Hoagland. “We're monitoring the health of the application in question down through the full stack, checking on the network and the operating system, the storage—all the parts of all of the layers in the stack.”

Additionally, advanced automation eliminates the need for complicated, error-prone scripting that renders the HANA database failover fickle, according to the vendor.

“SIOS customers gain the peace of mind of knowing that in the event of a failure or disaster, they will not have to bother with complex scripting to protect their essential HANA database or to restore operations when the issue is resolved,” said Masahiro Arai, COO at SIOS Technology. “SIOS LifeKeeper will ensure their essential HANA database will resume operation quickly and reliably.”

Ultimately, SIOS LifeKeeper is built to enable wide scale protection and reliability for target nodes, further aiding IT teams in preserving their time and resources due to the elimination of manual, risky administration tasks. Failover is easy, fast, and dependable, alleviating the stress that inevitably surges during disaster scenarios.

The latest iteration of SIOS LifeKeeper now supports WebSphere MQ v9.3, RHEL v 9.0, SAP HANA on RHEL 8.6 and SLES 15 SP4, and SAP HANA on S/4HANA 2022.

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