SIOS Unveils Solution for Automatic Remediation of Application Failures on Amazon EC2

SIOS Technology Corp. has introduced SIOS AppKeeper, an out-of-the-box solution to automatically respond to service outages on Amazon EC2 instances, protecting applications from service interruptions and downtime while eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming manual intervention.

According to SIOS, organizations adopting public cloud infrastructures are using application performance monitoring tools to alert their DevOps teams when performance changes occur, pinpointing the origin of any issue to facilitate manual remediation. The problem, says SIOS is that they often bury users in hard-to-manage alerts.

SIOS says its AppKeeper identifies and sends notifications for failures from an intuitive dashboard, and will also automatically attempt to restart failed services or reboot the instance—addressing 85% of application service failures. It can be used alone or with an APM tool.

SIOS AppKeeper was first introduced in the Japanese market in early 2017 by sister company Japan-based SIOS Technology, Inc., and today is used by end users, managed service providers, and systems integrators across the APJ region to monitor and remediate AWS EC2 instance issues.

According to data from SIOS’ existing customers and partners in Japan, the average customer with only three AWS EC2 instances experienced AWS EC2 instance downtime at least once a month.  With SIOS AppKeeper, they were able to reduce their downtime by 90%, allowing IT personnel to focus on higher-value tasks and improving Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 

SIOS AppKeeper is part of the SIOS portfolio of high availability and disaster recovery solutions. SIOS DataKeeper and SIOS LifeKeeper clustering software provide high availability and disaster recovery for critical applications and databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP running in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

With the rapid adoption of the cloud and hybrid cloud for both operational and business-critical applications, SIOS is extending its product line to provide more flexibility to customers and partners in balancing the level of availability with costs across all of their applications running in AWS.

“Every system and application has unique SLAs with regard to recovery times and risk tolerance and there is a need to balance costs with these SLAs. With AppKeeper, SIOS is extending its footprint in the cloud to provide greater availability and quicker recovery for those applications with higher risk tolerance and more flexible SLAs than more critical systems. Combined with SIOS LifeKeeper and DataKeeper HA clustering solutions, we now offer customers greater flexibility in dialing in the appropriate level of availability to balance costs with SLAs to provide the right level of availability for all of their applications,” said Michael Bilancieri, SVP, products and marketing, SIOS Technology."

SIOS AppKeeper is available on the SIOS website with a free 14-day trial to end users and SIOS managed service providers and systems integrator partners.