SIOS Unveils Updated Version of its VMware Software

SIOS Technology Corp. is releasing an updated version of the SIOS iQ machine learning analytics software, with new features for VMware environments. The company provides a “next-generation IT operations platform,” said Jim Shocrylas, director of product management at SIOS.  It leverages machine learning and, over time, characterizes the behavior of performance metrics.

The update includes dashboard enhancements for improved usability and a graphical topological impact view, enabling faster identification and resolution of issues. 

“The user interface is very slick and easy to use,” Shocrylas said. “We’re very focused on resolving IT issues very quickly, and providing a holistic view across the silos.”

Other features within version 3.5 of SIOS iQ include capacity forecasting analysis and enhanced root cause analysis. Capacity forecasting allows users to understand utilization pattern to predict how many days remain before data store(s) run out of free space, while the enhancements made to the root cause analysis enables deeper understanding of issues and Integrates chart/performance metric/topology to improve ease of use.

Storage administrators and silo owners who have to manage infrastructures and get to the root cause as quickly as possible will benefit the most from these updates, according to Shocrylas. 

Event correlation updates and improved forecasting analysis that allows enterprises to predict future behaviors are on tap for future iQ upgrades.

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