SOA Software Announces Analytics for APIs

SOA Software, an API Management provider, is shipping an API analytics platform intended to help enterprises obtain information on the reach and performance of their application programming interfaces. The solution, EnVision, employs MongoDB as its data store.

“SOA Software EnVision allows businesses to gain intelligent insights by collecting, introspecting and correlating data and interactions across these digital eco-systems and understanding the impact of specific actions or events,” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software.

SOA Software EnVision helps identify top APIs by usage, monetization, app type, platform, or channel. With EnVision, API owners can analyze API licenses and their respective usage in order to fine tune developer and partner onboarding. From an operational perspective, EnVision allows IT professionals to analyze how their infrastructure responds to requests from different devices, locations and request types. It allows enterprises to manage quality-of-service of their APIs, oversee quota usage and troubleshoot and react to problems before they can adversely impact their business.

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