SOA Software Announces IBM IMS Transformation Product

SOA Software, a SOA and cloud services governance vendor, announced SOLA for IMS, a legacy modernization solution that transforms IMS applications into high-performance enterprise services, enabling the mainframe to be a full participant in a service oriented architecture-enabled environment.

"Many Fortune 1000 companies use IMS," says Jim Crew, vice president of SOA Software. "This product extends existing investments and provides growth opportunities for IMS applications that can be reused in new business initiatives."

SOLA is a mainframe SOA solution that turns the mainframe into a part of an SOA enabled environment. SOLA provides customers with a way to expose mainframe applications as high-performance enterprise services and enables mainframe applications to consume Web services. The SOLA runtime environment resides entirely on the mainframe, and integrates with SOLA's Development Studio.

SOLA for IMS handles IMS transactions written in COBOL, PL/I or Natural, with multiple input and output segments. SOLA for IMS also enables any mainframe program to consume services. SOLA's orchestration capabilities allow multiple IMS transactions to be executed on a single trip to the mainframe, vastly reducing latency. SOLA for IMS can also service-enable DB2 stored procedures and SQL statements. Much of SOLA is written in Assembler language, so the SOLA runtime offers lower MSU consumption and higher throughput than alternatives that use Java and rely on zAAP specialty engines.

SOLA also provides end-to-end SOA governance for the mainframe with WS-Security, WS-Policy, optimized registry, integrated monitoring, logging, auditing and scalability, all implemented on the mainframe.

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