SOA Software Announces Repository Federation Solution

SOA Software, a provider of service governance solutions, announced the availability of comprehensive SOA federation capabilities in its Repository Manager product. These capabilities help customers share software development asset information within and outside the enterprise, govern how this information is shared, and integrate this information throughout the organization's heterogeneous software development ecosystem.

These federation capabilities benefit IT organizations by providing a single point for software information across disparate systems in the development environment, as well as automating enterprise wide SOA policies and industry SOA best practices, the vendor says.

"The ability to effectively automate and enforce SOA policies and best practices is critical for a successful enterprise wide SOA program. Enterprises need a single point for consolidating software information from multiple systems in their development ecosystem to make and automate effective governance decisions," says Brent Carlson, senior vice president of technology at SOA Software. "Companies also need a single point of control for one or more SOA registry/repositories such as IBM WSRR, HP Systinet, and others. Repository Manager's strong federation capabilities ensure that SOA standards and policies are enforced consistently throughout the enterprise."

Supported features include downstream federation, which support service registries including SOA Software's Policy Manager, IBM WSRR, HP SOA Systinet, TIBCO ActiveMatrix and SAP ESR. Repository Manager's Asset Import Center, enables users to scan UDDI V2 and V3-compliant registries, IBM WSRR, HP SOA Systinet, TIBCO ActiveMatrix, and SAP ESR based registries for commonly used services, extracting them into a governed service lifecycle process.

Repository Manager also supports separation of software development asset information based on organizational needs, and includes an XML-driven AnySource adapter framework to connect Repository Manager to any development system of record.

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