SOA Software Delivers Business Impact Analysis

SOA Software, a provider of SOA governance and management products, has rolled out a new version of its repository solution that is designed to automatically discover dependencies across processes, services and schema. Repository Manager Version 6.4 combines these advanced capabilities with support for service and operation-level consumption governance.

Repository Manager, SOA Software's development governance platform, is designed to automate the path to SOA and cloud. The product integrates with leading application development environments such as Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as federates with major run-time registries including IBM WSRR, HP SOA Systinet and UDDI registries. Working in tandem with SOA Software's Policy Manager, Repository Manager is intended to help customers to govern and deploy services and other software assets from a single point of control within the SOA enterprise lifecycle.

"Companies are embracing SOA Development Governance to become more agile and to prepare them for cloud and mobile initiatives" says Brent Carlson, senior vice president of technology at SOA Software. "Repository Manager 6.4 gives customers deep insight into their SOA as it matures and evolves, and ensures that changes are well managed, proactively dealt with, and remain aligned with core SOA architectural principles."

New features in Repository Manager 6.4 include Impact Analysis for more key SOA standards. The solution is engineered to automatically discover dependencies across all primary SOA XML filetypes (XPDL, BPEL, WSDL and XSD), and enforce compliance with namespace uniqueness, use of only governed (i.e., canonical) schema, and attribute and element naming conventions.

More information is available at the SOA Software website.