SOA Software Extends IBM WebSphere Service Registry Repository Capabilities

SOA Software says it will soon be shipping a new product to extend the capabilities of the IBM WebSphere Service Registry Repository (WSRR). This new product called Policy Manager for IBM WSRR complements the policy management capabilities of WSRR enabling customers to define policies for services and service consumers regardless of their platform and can audit the policies implemented and enforced by the platform in a closed-loop process.

Policy Manager for IBM WSRR provides comprehensive SOA Governance tools for all the different roles in the organization including; service developer, consumer developer, architect, business stakeholder, IT operations, security operations, and more. It uses a role-based security model for authorization of policy-driven SOA Governance process control such as service publishing and provisioning process approvals, and to protect sensitive information

Policy Manager for IBM WSRR provides consistent governance by extending WSRR control to heterogeneous non-IBM environments. It provides SOA Policy Federation for WSRR, publication of WSRR managed policies via WS-Metadata Exchange and WS-Resource Transfer, and active contract management to manage relationships between consumers and providers.

Policy Manager can be deployed standalone providing powerful SOA Governance. It integrates with SOA Software's Repository Manager for metadata management and development governance, and can also be deployed with SOA Software's Service Manager, or any other standards-based SOA Operational Governance Automation solution. It defines, monitors, and manages Active Contracts between consumers and providers. These contracts can be enforced by SOA Software's Service Manager, an industry-leading operational governance solution.

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