SOA Software Launches Open API Developer Platform

SOA Software, a provider of SOA governance, cloud and enterprise API management products, launched what it calls one of the industry’s most scalable and capable API developer platforms.  The new SOA Software Open platform brings app developers and API providers together to build apps with scalable APIs. The service enables companies to manage their APIs for either private or public developer communities.

“We are offering an open, free-of-charge playground where developers can come together to create innovate Apps around open and private APIs,” says Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software.            

The service also helps enterprise developer to enhancing capabilities of their private cloud, Roberto Medrano, executive VP of SOA Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “We have customers who are building enterprise [Platform as a Service] capabilities. The platforms offer business capabilities as services exposed through APIs.  They can offer these services to their – and their partners’ – developers via our Enterprise API Platform.”

Examples of enterprise APIs now available for large data sites include storage services such as Dropbox and Amazon S3, Medrano adds.

The new platform integrates with on-premise enterprise API platforms and with SOA governance products across all stages of the product lifecycle. SOA Software Open enables developers to join a community of developers to build apps, ask questions, search discussions and tickets, follow users, APIs, apps or groups, or form new groups.  The service also provides the capability to monitor API or App performance and see where traffic is coming from via a real-time dashboard, historic charts, and reports.

SOA Software Open is accessible at The platform is free for up to 10 million transactions per month.