SOOS Boosts Suite of Cybersecurity tools with Dynamic Application Security Testing

SOOS, the software security company on a mission to make risk remediation affordable and accessible to all, is releasing its new Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tool, making cybersecurity accessible to more businesses.

In a field dominated by expensive, cumbersome options, SOOS is committed to providing simple, straightforward, and effective tools, according to the vendor.

For just $298/month, SOOS offers the DAST tool plus their core software composition analysis (SCA) tool, with unlimited seats and scans.

SOOS’s new DAST tool makes it easy to expand the power of OWASP ZAP to continuously test a web app and monitor for potential exploit paths. SOOS DAST integrates into the build pipeline and consolidates DAST test results with SOOS SCA scan results in a single powerful web dashboard.

SOOS DAST features include:

  • Scan web apps for vulnerabilities
  • Scan APIs–OpenAPI, GraphQL, and SOAP
  • No limits on the number of domains
  • No limits on concurrent scans
  • Push issues to GitHub’s Security dashboard
  • Scan history view
  • Unified dashboard with SOOS Core SCA

PLUS SOOS Core SCA (Software Composition Analysis) includes:

  • Node, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, PHP, and many more
  • Repo agnostic CI/CD integration
  • Integrates with GitHub
  • Connect to Jira or GitHub Issues
  • Robust license policies
  • Rich vulnerability dashboard
  • Full scan history
  • Customize governance rules
  • SBOM generation in multiple formats

“We are breaking down all the barriers, making it easy to afford and integrate security into your daily routine,” said Eric Allard, SOOS CTO. “Now more than ever, cybersecurity needs to be front and center. We make it easy to shift left your software security and do the right thing.”

SOOS was founded on the belief that all software developers should have access to the tools they need to identify and remediate source code vulnerabilities, according to the company. 

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