SPSS Inc. Launches Latest Versions of Predictive Analytics Data Mining and Text Analytics Software

SPSS, Inc., a global provider of predictive analytics software and solutions, has introduced the latest versions of its data mining workbench and text analytics software products, and renamed them to fit under a unified portfolio naming umbrella. Predictive Analytics Software, PASW, is the new name for the complete portfolio of SPSS Predictive Analytics products. This new naming standard unifies the product families under consistent and descriptive nomenclatures to reflect the broad functionality and seamless integration among all SPSS products.

The two new products introduced, PASW Modeler 13 (formerly Clementine) and PASW Text Analytics 13 (formerly Text Mining for Clementine), extend and automate the power of data mining and text analytics to the business user, while significantly enhancing the productivity, flexibility and performance of the expert analyst.

The entire SPSS software portfolio will carry the PASW naming standard beginning with the releases of PASW Modeler 13 and PASW Text Analytics 13. Over the next year, new naming will be introduced at each release of the other SPSS products, including: PASW Statistics (formerly SPSS Statistics), PASW Data Collection (formerly Dimensions) and PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services (formerly Predictive Enterprise Services).

PASW Modeler 13 empowers both the business user and expert analyst to quickly and easily leverage all data assets to produce, evaluate and deploy analytical models to solve real business problems. With a simple drag and drop graphical user interface, PASW Modeler 13 allows companies to build and validate models quicker and more efficiently to optimize various business processes and objectives.

PASW Text Analytics 13 leverages the critical insights and sentiments locked in unstructured data-including call center notes, open-ended survey responses, blogs and wikis-to improve model accuracy. The new version includes pre-built categories for satisfaction surveys, advanced natural language processing techniques, and more comprehensive language support.

Dave Vergara, director of product marketing for SPSS, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the key new features in Modeler 13 are automated data preparation to simplify the data mining effort, auto cluster to determine the best cluster algorithm for a particular data set, and integration with PASW Statistics. Text Analytics 13 has prebuilt Text Analysis Packages that can be used 'out of the box' for specific types of surveys, new ways to extract multi-lingual sentiment and opinions, and expanded support for analysis in more than 30 languages."

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