SQL Monitor by Redgate Remediates Intricacies of Query Tuning

Redgate, the Database DevOps solutions provider, is launching upgrades to its SQL Server performance monitoring tool, strengthening its query tuning and optimization functions to facilitate enhanced query identification, optimization counseling, and performance comparison metrics. Addressing longtime concerns among DBAs and developers in regard to monitoring query performance and its implementation, SQL Monitor simplifies query tuning to eliminate its complex requirements and costly operation. 

Redgate contextualizes these improvements to SQL Monitor with a trend throughout the DBA and developer experience; query tuning, both as a process in itself and its supervision, is cumbersome. Whether it’s the time, money, and knowledge expended to monitor query tuning, or the endless ramifications that are necessitated for its operation, query tuning is something of an unmanageable leech on DevOps teams.

SQL Monitor elaborates on its system through extended visualization, guidance, and tracking capabilities to overcome query tuning and its complexities, according to the vendor. Users will experience accelerated problem query location, paired with metrics and insights for analysis accessible through its GUI. SQL Monitor then supplies guidance and recommendations to aid in remediating problem queries, tracking ongoing performance over time.

The tool measures queries based on a variety of factors that can expose which specific queries require maintenance, aiding in resource allocation efficiency. These factors include CPU consumption, physical reads, or logical writes, ranked by their impact on server performance. Once these results are ingested, SQL Monitor supplies recommendations for query optimization, incorporating suggested fixes and extended descriptions in its guidance. Behavior is further monitored by the tool after a query’s optimization, tracking its performance.

SQL Monitor empowers DBAs and developers to personally resolve issues for increased development efficiency and continuous optimization of performance. Queries are also sharable, promoting collaboration among their users to further advance query improvements.

SQL Monitor is available for download as a 14-day, fully functional free trial. A live demo of the tool can be viewed at Redgate’s website.

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