SQL Sentry Changes Name to SentryOne

SQL Sentry, a provider of tools for monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing SQL Server environments, has announced it is combining its tools into one platform and changing its name to SentryOne.

With the new name as well as a “single pane of glass” and one platform to license, the company says that it aims to provide a more seamless integration between all of its solutions, across SQL Server, Analysis Services, and Windows, VMware or Azure services.

SQL Sentry for SQL Server, Win Sentry for Windows/Hyper-V, V Sentry for VMware, BI Sentry for Analysis Services, DB Sentry for Azure SQL DB, DW Sentry for Azure SQL DW, and APS Sentry for Microsoft APS will be included in the platform.

According to CEO Greg Gonzalez, the company remains committed to delivering solutions for monitoring and optimizing the Microsoft Data Platform and its users, and is part of a broader company mission toward simplification, while also adding features for reducing time-to-value.

To learn more, go to the SentryOne rebrand overview page.