SQL Sentry Improves Visibility and Manageability of AlwaysOn

SQL Sentry, Inc., the developer of software for Microsoft SQL Server, has introduced v7.5 of SQL Sentry, which provides integrated, visual monitoring and management for the high availability and disaster recovery solution, SQL Server AlwaysOn.

"Our ultimate objective with this release of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor was to increase visibility and manageability around AlwaysOn in dramatic fashion, thereby enabling it to reach its full potential," said Greg Gonzalez, president and CEO, SQL Sentry.

The SQL Sentry Monitoring service actively collects data from availability group primaries, secondaries and failover cluster instances as appropriate to present a seamless view of the AlwaysOn environment.

Key features of SQL Sentry v7.5 include multiple unique AlwaysOn topology layouts that display the environment from different perspectives, dynamically changing flow lines highlight bottlenecks in the environment, context-aware charts and grids to provide historical performance and health details over any date range, visual indicators on each replica that provide quick cues about group health and configuration, and notifications that can be easily configured for health changes and failovers.

To download v7.5, go to the SQL Sentry website at