SQL Sentry Partners with DBSophic to Provide SQL Server Tuning Bundle

SQL Sentry, Inc., a developer of software products that optimize the performance of Microsoft SQL Server environments, and DBSophic, a provider of performance management products for database-centric applications, have announced a new product bundle, the "Power Suite + Qure Quick Start Pack," to help SQL Server DBAs monitor, manage, troubleshoot and tune database server performance.

The Power Suite + Qure Quick Start Pack will contain licenses to monitor five instances of SQL Server with SQL Sentry Power Suite and perform five in-depth performance optimizations using a special edition of Qure. According to the companies, the combined pack is being offered at a substantial discount over purchasing the two products separately.

Power Suite provides a complete performance monitoring and optimization solution for Microsoft SQL Server by combining both Performance Advisor for SQL Server and Event Manager. The special edition of Qure, a workload tuning solution, automatically analyzes the query data collected by SQL Sentry and generates recommendations for optimizing database performance.

The two solutions are complementary, Nick Harshbarger, SQL Sentry vice president of sales and marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "DBSophic creates a very efficient and effective way to do workload analysis which is a different approach to performance tuning than the one we take," he explains. "We provide more of a real time and historical performance monitoring tool."

Tuning database server performance can result in cost savings, Harshbarger notes. "If your database is running slowly, before you turn around and buy additional hardware, memory, or upgrade the physical system, you want to make sure the database is tuned to the best of your ability. Sometimes, it does take a hardware upgrade, but a lot of times it doesn't."  Additionally, he adds, "performance tuning improves the end user experience, the responsiveness of the database to the application and requests."

Visit SQL Sentry and DBSophic for more information.