SQL Server Backup and Recovery Solution Reduces Recovery Times by 30%

Idera, a provider of Microsoft SQL Server management and administration tools, has announced the latest version of its SQL Server backup and recovery solution, SQL safe 6.5. According to Idera, SQL safe reduces database backup time by up to 50% over native SQL backups, reduces backup disk space requirements by up to 95%, and enables complete "hands-free" automated backup of an organization's SQL Server infrastructure while ensuring compliance with backup and recovery policies.  

The new version of SQL safe reduces recovery time up to 30%, and simplifies database synchronization and automates disaster recovery by routinely restoring full backups to a secondary server. SQL safe 6.5 also can enable organizations to bring recovered databases online faster by allowing SQL safe to create missing SQL Server logins and resolve any orphaned database users. Other new features include backup and restore alerting that sends notifications for each operation status including failures, skips, warnings, and successes; and the CLI/XSP command to delete old backup files without performing a new backup.

"Databases are growing exponentially in size and the time required for backup and recovery is also growing dramatically," says Heather Sullivan, Director of SQL Server Products at Idera. "SQL safe 6.5 enables you to bring your databases back online faster by reducing recovery times up to 30% over previous versions and by resolving any missing logins or orphaned database users."

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