SQLstream s-Server 3.0 Provides Faster Response to Operational Big Data

Real-time big data vendor SQLstream Inc. has released the newest generation of its streaming big data management platform, SQLstream s-Server 3.0. With improved speed and scalability, the flagship product introduces high performance distributed stream processing, Google BigQuery integration, and enhanced platform manageability and streaming application development.

SQLstream s-Server 3.0’s real-time data collection, transformation and sharing capabilities enable businesses to respond rapidly to their operational big data. It queries log file, sensor and service data in real-time, joins and transforms data streams using only standard SQL, and shares results continuously. “We have improved ways of processing machine data, so you can process much higher volumes and much more flexible and resilient processing of log file data,” Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream, tells 5 Minute Briefing. High volume and velocity applications for structured and unstructured data can be built rapidly with streaming SQL without low level code development.

Thanks to lock-free distributed processing for live data streams, SQLstream s-Server 3.0 offers throughput performance up to 10 times faster than previous releases, according to the company. “It’s faster, provides more features and functionality, and provides more adapters, including connectors to most of the leading big data platforms,” Black explains. A bi-directional connector for Google BigQuery provides faster integration, while faster development is achieved through new streaming SQL operators and support for Windows.

SQLstream s-Server 3.0 is available now. For more information and a free trial, visit