SQream Snaps Up Panoply to Supercharge its Cloud Offerings

SQream Technologies, provider of a GPU-based data analytics platform, is acquiring Panoply, a no-code cloud data platform, to expand its cloud offerings—enabling the companies to become the leading powerhouse in future-ready data analytics platforms.

Sqream will leverage its portfolio of SaaS cloud offerings to provide business leaders with the ability to generate insights from any data environment— so they can innovate faster, increase revenue, and reduce risk in their digital transformation process.

“The synergy between SQream and Panoply holds great promise for data practitioners as it expands Panoply’s reach to a wider audience and provides Panoply’s advantages of automation, no-code, and simplicity to larger and larger organizations,” said Yaniv Leven, co-founder and CEO of Panoply.

Panoply’s no-code ELT and data warehouse management services will be integrated in SQream’s fast hybrid analytics platform.

This will simplify the transition for companies who are looking to transform their on-premise data environments to hybrid or full cloud environments and will allow cloud-first companies to scale with ease as their data needs mature, according to the vendor.

Panoply will add hunderds  of customers to SQream’s lucrative enterprise customer base, and all its employees will join SQream to build a 160+ team with an ambitious growth plan to expand in all areas, from sales and marketing to engineering, in order to meet demand for the company’s services.

The exponential growth of SQream is expected to accelerate even more with Panoply, by providing increased support and product development for a larger range of customers.

“This is a significant step towards implementing SQream’s vision to provide our customers with the fastest data analytics platform in the industry, at any scale of data for multi-size enterprises, and in any environment - cloud, on prem, and on the edge,” said Ami Gal, co-founder and SQream CEO. “With Panoply’s acquisition, we are combining SQream, GPU-powered, cutting-edge technology with Panoply’s phenomenal ease of use and seamless integration and onboarding. This is a huge milestone on our journey to provide the world with the new category of analytics platform that is ready for tomorrow’s data challenges.”

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