SSH Announces New Managed File Transfer Automation and Monitoring Solutions

SSH Communications Security, a provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, has introduced SSH Tectia Managed File Transfer (MFT) Events and SSH Tectia MFT Auditor. These new MFT solutions enable enterprise and government customers aim to help customers easily and cost-effectively manage, monitor, and secure file and data transfers of sensitive information.

SSH Communications' Tectia Solutions is an overall platform and brand name that consists of various enterprise-class security and file transfer software products and complementing services that provide tools for managed and secure file transfer, auditing, monitoring, application connectivity, and system administration. The MFT Events and MFT Auditor products are the newest additions to this solution portfolio and provide faster paths to governance and compliance for critical business process data flows.

"MFT Events is a tool for defining managed and automated file transfers and eliminates the need for building file transfers that are low-level operating scripts which are often rigid and fragile. It enables greater flexibility and faster reactions to business changes," George Adams, president of SSH Communications, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "MFT Auditor is a centralized aggregate tool that monitors the overall environment and enables the optimization of file transfer operations."

Additional features of MFT Events are that it scales to large internal and external networks in Windows, Unix, Linux, IBM z/OS, and Linux for System z environments, and integrates with existing IT infrastructure and business processes, to meet key compliance, governance, auditing, and forensics requirements.

Additional features of MFT Auditor include enabling users to easily track and resolve failed file transfers, identify unauthorized file operations, monitor file transfer statistics and volumes over time, and ensure non-repudiation of the log data via a centralized log database.

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