STORServer Extends Reach to Remote Office/Branch Offices and Data Centers

STORServer, a provider of data backup solutions, announced an new add-on for its Backup Appliance and existing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) solutions that enables applications and users to get back up and running within minutes following any data loss.

The STORServer Backup Appliance with Instant Restore is designed to protect Microsoft Windows and Linux servers in remote or branch offices, or to supplement the backup solution in a data center for mission critical applications.

"We're excited to help our customers more efficiently back up their remote and branch offices," says Bill Smoldt, vice president of research and development for STORServer. "In the event of a server or drive failure, recovery of the Operating System Disk - even to dissimilar hardware - can be performed in less than an hour, restoring the server back to the state as of the last backup."

The STORServer Backup Appliance with Instant Restore uses a block-level incremental forever backup method for both file system data and applications/databases. Near-instant recovery allows the administrator to make the file server immediately available to the users and applications, while the data is restored in the background.

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