STORServer Improves Backup for SharePoint Via Tivoli

STORServer, a provider of data backup solutions for the mid-market, announced a solution intended to help facilitate faster backup and recovery of Microsoft SharePoint Portal 2003 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 environments. The product, the STORServer Agent for Tivoli Storage Manager Microsoft SharePoint 6.1, is designed to provide the ability to restore portals, top-level sites, subsites and individual document libraries, attachments, lists, folders, areas and sub areas. Users can also schedule full, incremental or differential backup at the site-level, subsite-level, and item-level, and preserves all meta-data versions.

"The agent gives us the capability of doing a better granular restore of SharePoint, so it gives us far more flexibility than what's available without it. We can safely back up and restore an entire environment, or just a single item within a SharePoint environment," Bill Smoldt, vice president of research and development at STORServer, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

There are a number of new features available in 6.1, notes Smoldt. There is now a restore timeline which helps users select content to restore. "You can point at the date within the timeline that you want to restore to, and then you can just pick the items that you want to restore at that particular time, so it eliminates the need to search through backup data."

From a backup perspective, Smoldt adds, "One of the hard things is ascribing the real importance of the data to be backed up to an appropriate schedule. In 6.1, there is something called the ‘business intelligence matrix' that does an automatic classification of content based on business importance that a customer ascribes to that content." The result, he notes, "is a row and column matrix that shows how critical particular points are, and then you can adjust your backups against how critical that data is to be backed up."

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