STORServer Releases New Version of Archive Backup Client for OpenVMS

STORServer, a provider of data backup solutions for the mid-market, has announced the availability of version 4.5 of its Archive Backup Client for OpenVMS, which enables users to include their OpenVMS servers in their heterogeneous IBM Tivoli Storage Manager backup solution.

OpenVMS (Open Virtual Memory System) runs on the VAX, Alpha and Itanium-based families of computers.

The updates to the backup software include a major enhancement to file backup speed and performance when backing up large numbers of files in a single directory. “Even though VMS is an older operating system, it is still in heavy use,” says Bill Smoldt, president of StorServer. “We recently added AES [Advanced Encryption Standard] encryption and that is important primarily because VMS is still quite often used in some very important production environments. That is usually why customers are not planning on moving off the platform.”

The new performance enhancement enables customers with thousands of files in a single directory to accelerate their backups, greatly improving efficiency and resulting in “tremendous time savings,” says Smoldt. According to the company, it has verified backup performance improvements of nearly 30 times the throughput of the previous implementation.

In addition, ABC v4.5 supports the POSIX-style file systems introduced in OpenVMS v8.3, and provides various other minor enhancements and bug fixes. The performance update is also available in ABC v4.1.1.2, OpenVMS v6.2 through v7.1 on the Alpha platform, and OpenVMS v5.5-2 and newer on the VAX platform.

With ABC, users can backup, archive, restore, query and manage OpenVMS files stored on TSM servers as a logical extension to the online OpenVMS ODS-2 or ODS-5 file systems. ABC v4.5 may be installed as a new product or as an upgrade from any previous version.

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