STORServer Ships New Entry-Level Backup Appliance and Expansion System

STORServer, a provider of data backup solutions, says it is shipping a new entry-level backup appliance that incorporates solid-state drives (SSDs), as well as a new expansion system. Both of the new systems are powered by CommVault, a provider of data storage management solutions.

STORServer's backup appliance, the BA641-CV, is an upgraded version of the BA601-CV adding 256 gigabytes of two RAID-1 value class solid-state drives (SSDs). It is also upgraded to front plane hot-swappable disks and comes with a faster processor. The net result is a cost savings for customer sites with up to 10 terabytes (TBs) of Front-End Terabyte (FET) capacity who would otherwise have to purchase the larger 20 TB FET EBA802-CV, the vendor says.

STORServer's expansion system, The EBA-EXPSM-CV, also offers a smaller footprint for media agent deployments at 10 TBs of FET, the vendor says. . Called the Small CommVault Expansion System, this server provides convenience for customers with multiple Expansion System sites who need flexibility for remote sites or departments in the sub-10 TB range.

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