SUSE Boosts Collaboration with SAP

Enhancing its partnership with SAP, SUSE is introducing Live Patching for SUSE Linux Enterprise and a Connect program to boost the joint relationship.

“These two programs are part of our longer investment in SAP for the last 17 years, and SAP HANA the last 8 or 9 years,” said Dirk Oppenkowski, global alliance director.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching will help customers run workloads on the SAP HANA platform, SAP NetWeaver technology platform, and other SAP applications. The new solution will reduce the business disruption caused by planned downtime, while maintaining a highly secure IT environment, according to SUSE. Live Patching allows enterprise Linux customers to perform system patching without rebooting, which increases service availability and saves on the cost of downtime.

“If the system is down for 1 hour, I’m not sure if employees are happy to work 1 hour after work hours to keep up,” said Hannes Kuehnemund, senior product manager.  “You basically want to have your system up all the time.”

A variety of users, including those running large machines, will benefit the most from this solution, according to Oppenkowski

“You’re able to patch security fixes on the box without rebooting,” Oppenkowski said.

In addition to the Live Patching upgrade, SUSE is unveiling its Connect program, providing IT managers with a solution that responds to business demands by simplifying the process of finding software and services that support SAP.

SUSE Connect provides a meeting place for software, web services, and special services.

Customers can review the list of partner products and offerings, choosing to try or learn more about those that will meet their specific business needs.

“There is a lot of complementary software around the SAP landscape,” Kuehnemund said. “This gives a better understanding of what kind of third-party software is out there, so users can make a better educated guess at what kind of partner software they want to use.”

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