SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP2 is Now EAL 4+ Level Certified for IBM Z, Arm, and x86-64

SUSE has announced that its flagship Linux distribution has earned Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15 SP2 is now EAL 4+ level certified for IBM Z, Arm, and x86-64 architectures, signifying compliance with the demanding security requirements for mission-critical infrastructure. SUSE's Common Criteria EAL 4+ software supply chain certification includes secure production, delivery of updates, and protection of critical digital assets.

"In today's age of advanced hacking and service disruption, Common Criteria EAL 4+ level certification for SLES provides confidence to critical service providers such as governments, finance and banking companies, healthcare organizations, water and power companies, telecommunications providers, and others innovating at the edge," said Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE chief technology and product officer. "SUSE's commitment to open interoperability means SLES 15 customers around the world can be certain their operating system conforms to the highest international standards for computer security within their chosen IT infrastructure."

This latest certification, the highest level attainable for an open source operating system, for SUSE Linux Enterprise on IBM Z demonstrates a continued prioritization on security and reliability, said Kara Todd, director of Linux, IBM Z and LinuxONE at IBM. “We are seeing an ever-growing number of exciting new Linux workloads which are a great fit for the underlying scalability, reliability and security that the IBM Z platform provides."

According to SUSE, the exponentially growing number of IoT and edge computing devices has increased risk to networks and required countries to raise their compliance requirements for infrastructure providers, particularly those involved in services essential to their economies, governments, and health and safety of citizens. SUSE's Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified secure software supply chain enables the highest security standards for edge and IoT devices for critical infrastructure providers such as telecommunications companies and others innovating at the edge.

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