SUSE Releases Latest Linux Enterprise Service Pack

SUSE unveiled SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2, designed to increase the speed and efficiency of open-source platforms.

Enhanced solutions based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 include SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE, as well as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER. SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 images are also available for public cloud infrastructures, intended to make it easier to offer public cloud services and migrate to public cloud from on-premises environments.

“SUSE is committed to enabling customers to bring their state-of-the-art solutions to market faster by leveraging the latest technologies, said Olaf Kirch, SUSE vice president of SUSE Linux Enterprise Engineering. “They also need to run mission-critical workloads with maximum uptime and proven security. This latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise helps them do both using all the advantages of open source software.”

Enhancements to SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 include what the vendor calls a 10-fold increase in packet processing via software-defined networking that combines Open vSwitch with the Data Plane Development Kit. This is a key enabler for telecom providers to efficiently implement virtual network functions. Added to SUSE Linux Enterprise’s broad hypervisor support, the integration of DPDK gives customers a complete virtualization solution for cloud and on-premises deployments.

The new release also includes reduced downtime and improved I/O performance through persistent system memory applications using integrated NVDIMMs that save data in seconds and make data immediately available on reboot, the vendor said. There is also increased ability to implement cost-effective, high performance data analytics on IBM Power Systems LC and OpenPOWER servers, including bare metal support.

The system also includes reduced downtime for large-memory IBM POWER-based systems via minimized memory initialization times for server restarts along with high availability and geo clustering support for IBM POWER. In addition, the new release includes support for ARMv8-A, including enablement for the Raspberry Pi3, making SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 one of the first commercially available enterprise Linux platforms for this architecture.

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