SUSE Seeks Easier Mainframe Linux Installation

SUSE, provider of an enterprise Linux distribution, is offering a starter system for mainframe customers to simplify SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for System z installation and startup. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z is optimized for the IBM System z architecture, according to the vendor.

“Installing Linux on a mainframe is different from installing Linux on an x86 server,” said Meike Chabowski, product marketing manager for enterprise Linux servers at SUSE. “The Starter System for System z makes installation quicker and easier, and customers can get a head start on their mainframe Linux proof-of-concepts with existing IT skills.” Little or no Linux or z/VM experience is required, he added.

The Starter System is a pre-built installation server for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z that can be installed on a z/VM system using Conversational Monitor System (CMS) tools. It eliminates the need for coordinating access to a separate Linux or UNIX system elsewhere on the network and minimizes the impact of network-based installation on internal and external networks.

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