SUSE Ships ‘Self-Healing’ Enterprise Storage Solution

SUSE announced the general availability of a self-managing, self-healing, distributed software-based storage solution for enterprise customers. It is powered by Ceph, a popular open-source distributed storage solution. SUSE Enterprise Storage is designed to help organizations to build storage using commodity off-the-shelf servers and disk drives.

“This data growth has created a critical need for reliable yet affordable storage solutions beyond the traditional, expensive proprietary solutions we're used to,” said Nils Brauckmann, president and general manager of SUSE. “SUSE Enterprise Storage is a highly scalable and resilient software-based storage solution that allows enterprises to move away from proprietary, hardware-centric storage solutions to software-based storage that delivers functionality comparable to mid- and high-end storage products but at a fraction of the cost.”

Based on the Firefly version of the Ceph open source project, the fully featured SUSE Enterprise Storage is intended for object, archival and bulk storage, with features including cache tiering, thin provisioning, copy-on-write cloning and erasure coding.

The solution is priced at 0.1 cent per gigabyte per month. SUSE Enterprise Storage is available as an option with SUSE OpenStack Cloud or as a stand-alone storage solution.

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