SVA Software Releases Storage Optimization Solution to Boost Virtualized Data Center Performance

SVA Software, a provider of storage performance management software, has announced the release of BVQ, an infrastructure performance optimization platform that aims to simplify management of virtualized data center operations. BVQ provides performance and capacity monitoring and analysis for IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize family – IBM SVC, IBM FlashSystems, IBM Storwize, VersaStack – as well as additional heterogeneous storage.  It can be deployed as a local software implementation, as a service, or as a subscription-based offering through SVA Software partners. 

“BVQ was built from the ground-up with one mission: to deliver a solution that is easy to implement, easy to use, affordable, fits into all size environments and is focused on solving real-world storage challenges IBM Spectrum Virtualized customers are facing today,” said Don Mead, SVP Technology & Partner Development, at SVA Software. According to Mead, BVQ visualizations and heat-map analysis make results understandable and actionable. Its point-and-click analysis delivers insights on the resilience of the storage infrastructure, and, if further investigation on health, performance or utilization, users can click on an entity to gain additional related information. “This ability to gather insight quickly and drill down analysis is one of the big differences between BVQ and other solutions,” said Mead.

Using proactive monitoring, the software collects data for on-demand and scheduled analysis, to ensure that the environment runs at peak efficiency. Predictive alerting eliminates outages and guarantees infrastructure stability. By aligning with environment policy, BVQ also helps ensure that SLAs are aligned with business requirements.

For example, said Mead, the BVQ Storage Expansion Migration Analysis measures I/O traffic to right-size and align infrastructure application capacity needs with optimal resources, avoiding overprovisioning of storage resources, and helping to cut storage costs. “With the power of the BVQ treemap view, the entire data center performance and utilization can be visualized in one pane of glass, color coded heat-maps quickly identify which storage resources are being used most efficiently and which ones are not, and drag-and-drop migration simulations create executable commands that streamline the migration process,” said Mead.

In addition, said Mead, the Health-Check Analysis ensures storage infrastructure is running efficiently by providing insights into the resilience of the storage infrastructure and measuring the infrastructure’s performance, utilization, and data risk levels. The Health Check is non-intrusive, and requires no agents or hardware.  “The SVA BVQ offline scanner runs for a week, collecting configuration and performance information, and once completed, the machine data is uploaded to BVQ cloud analysis engine, processed, correlated, analyzed and transformed into comprehensive reports and graphs, turning the machine data into answers and actionable insights,” said Mead, noting that typical results include identification of health and performance issues due to misconfigurations as well as overloaded or unbalanced resources.

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