SWIM.AI Exits Stealth Mode with Launch of SWIM EDX

SWIM.AI today exited stealth and announced the general availability of its edge software solution. SWIM EDX delivers edge intelligence and real-time business and operational insights. By applying analytics, self-training digital twins and edge computing, SWIM EDX allows manufacturers, infrastructure providers, enterprises, municipalities, and IoT vendors to analyze and take immediate action on fast edge data.

SWIM EDX software delivers business and operational insights from real-time edge data by consuming vast amounts of “gray” streamed edge data, applying sophisticated analysis and machine learning techniques to produce “digital twins that learn” of real-world devices and systems. These SWIM digital twins analyze and reduce data, identify critical events, find hidden patterns and predict future behavior.

SWIM EDX is lightweight software that can be added to existing edge devices, creating a resilient, powerful compute fabric able to analyze, machine-learn and predict locally. SWIM EDX greatly reduces data bandwidth, storage and cloud processing costs. SWIM EDX is self-training and operates in real-time, at a fraction of the cost of manually trained, remote and cloud-based learning/analysis. SWIM EDX is highly secure, providing encryption/introspection protection for itself and all the edge data. SWIM works closely with partners and suppliers in each market to enhance existing solutions and services with Edge Intelligence.

“We founded SWIM.AI to address the growing edge data problem, where real-time data from new edge devices and sensors requires fast, local analytics and prediction to aid local decision making,” said Rusty Cumpston, co-founder and CEO of SWIM.AI. “To address these needs, we’ve focused on building a new edge software stack which can efficiently process streaming edge data and generate business insights that can easily be shared and accessed by other applications on any device and across any network. Our leadership team brings an incredibly strong background in software development and innovation, and has developed a product that revolutionizes how edge data is processed, accessed and used for continuous learning.”

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