SaaSAssure by Asigra Revolutionizes SaaS Data Protection, Backup, and Recovery

Asigra, the provider of ultra-secure backup and recovery, is announcing the general availability of SaaSAssure, a SaaS-based data protection platform that empowers organizations to safeguard business-critical SaaS data while ensuring backup, recovery, availability, compliance, and security for all of a company’s SaaS applications.

The future of applications is SaaS, and enterprises must be prepared to protect and recover those critical applications. According to BetterClouds' State of SaaSOps survey, SaaS solutions will make up 85% of all business software in 2025, with its annual revenue growth projected to reach $374 billion by 2028. Yet, despite these statistics, many SaaS applications do not offer robust recovery capabilities, leaving enterprise data extremely vulnerable, according to Asigra.

“With traditional backup, we're mainly focused on ransomware and ransomware protection. [But] when it comes to SaaS applications, there's a whole bunch of other factors in addition to those that become critical concerns,” explained Eric Simmons, CEO of Asigra. “You have malicious external attacks and ransomware attacks, but there's also a lot of incidences of accidental deletions or misconfigurations that also lead to data loss in organizations, and we continue to see the number of attacks on SaaS applications increase.”

This is due, in part, to the “shared responsibility model,” where the cloud service provider (CSP) manages infrastructure security while the user is responsible for data recovery. Many businesses—who might not even know how many SaaS apps they have—are unable to properly back up and safely store their data, resulting in data loss, theft, and vulnerability to tampering.

“There's a ton of SaaS data that is critical to businesses that is not being protected or covered today,” said Simmons. “An average mid to [large] enterprise organization can have as many as 137 SaaS applications, and the individual users have approximately 9 SaaS applications that they're using…[there’s] significant sprawl across there.”

When agreeing to a cloud contract, “in many cases, they might read the terms and conditions, the contract, understand that they are responsible for that data within the SaaS application, but they have no way of protecting that data or backing that data up,” noted Simmons.

To help enterprises manage their expanding—and often elusive—SaaS landscapes, SaaSAssure acts as a comprehensive data protection solution designed from the ground-up as a true cloud-based service. Going beyond the “Big Three” of SaaS applications—Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce—SaaSAssure acknowledges the growing SaaS market by supporting a multitude of line of business (LoB) apps used by enterprises all over the world. SaaSAssure delivers enterprise-grade data recovery, compliance, and security across an extensive portfolio of SaaS applications, powered further by its foundation in robust AWS architecture. The solution offers the following advanced security capabilities that protect against external threats and internal incidents:

  • Broadest multi-tenant SaaS app protection featuring data assurance, control, and risk and compliance
  • Secure by design architecture that offers a variety of advanced security capabilities, including Multi-Person Approvals (MPA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), AES 256-bit encryption, ransomware protection, and more
  • Flexible storage options including Asigra Cloud Storage, Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS), or data sovereignty
  • Rapid set-up and ease-of-use, ensuring protection in under five minutes
  • Multi-tenant capable, single dashboard for required actions and notifications to maximize IT resources
  • Pre-configured SaaS app integrations that only require the user to configure authorizations

“Our goal is to reduce the amount of work that we put onto those individuals to be able to problem solve as quickly as possible, remediate, and make sure everything is working effectively,” said Simmons. “We really wanted to build a very simple and easy-to-use product, and we put a lot of effort into that.”

In addition to the solution’s advantages for enterprises with SaaS applications, SaaSAssure is poised to aid Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in better managing and protecting their SaaS-powered businesses. With an expansive selection of multi-tenant connectors, SaaSAssure complements existing backup solutions so that partners may expand their service portfolios and revenues without having to switch from existing backup software partners, according to Asigra.

"For customers whose SaaS data is not just valuable but vital, the introduction of SaaSAssure is a game changer," said Asigra partner Gregg Mehr, CTO for DataHEALTH. "The simplicity and rapid deployment capabilities of the platform provides slick data protection that scales effortlessly. This isn’t just a tool—it’s an essential part of modern digital resilience and we are excited to integrate this comprehensive solution into our service portfolio and bridging the SaaS data protection gap."

At launch, SaaSAssure supports 10 SaaS applications—including Salesforce, Microsoft 365, MS Exchange, SharePoint, JIRA and Confluence (both by Atlassian), Quickbooks Online (Intuit Inc.), Box, OneDrive, and HubSpot—with another 14 currently in development.

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