Saffron Launches Cognitive Analytics Solution for Product Lifecycle Management

Saffron, a cognitive computing platform, has launched an application aimed at providing end-to-end knowledge about issues and defects in a product’s lifecycle, helping manufacturers shorten time to market and manage potential risks.

SaffronStreamline, which will be available April 27, 2015, helps manufacturers integrate application lifecycle management into their product lifecycles by learning from disconnected enterprise-system data sources such as PLM, ALM, Testing and CRM, and finding similar issues, duplicates and shared causes for engineering resolution automatically. Inspired by the human brain, the Saffron platform learns, reasons, and anticipates automatically for users and with users, according to Saffron.

Additionally Streamline will classify the business risk of issues and defects such as safety, customer experience, reliability, performance; identify experts who work on similar issues and have similar skill sets for collaboration; and unify issues expertise gathered from external sources such as StackOverflow and other data sources selected by the customer, with internal enterprise data.

“This is for all sorts of software makers and not just traditional software companies,” said Ian Hersey, chief product officer at Saffron. Users of Streamline include automotive manufacturers, makers of heavy equipment for aircraft, oil rigs and nuclear power plants, as well as business people, Hersey said.

SaffronStreamline’s Product Lifecycle Intelligence layer sits above a customer’s existing product lifecycle management (PLM) and application lifecycle management (ALM) systems, according to Saffron. “This grew out of work we’ve already done with customers,” Hersey said. “We’ve solved a lot of hard data problems for customers. Streamline is the first in a series of applications that we’ve built on top of a platform to solve these very specific problems.”

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