Sage Optimizes Sage ERP X3 on Oracle Database 11g

Sage, a global supplier of business management software, has announced that it has further integrated Oracle Database 11g within Sage ERP X3 in order to offer customers a comprehensive solution. Sage ERP X3 is also now available using the Oracle Exadata Database platform.

Sage Group plc is a global supplier of business management software and related products and services, principally for small to medium-sized enterprises. Sage has more than 6 million customers and 13,600 employees worldwide, and operates in over 24 countries covering the U.K., Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, India and China.
According to the vendor, Sage ERP X3 v6.2 incorporates major advances. These include simplified implementation of Sage ERP X3 by integrating the database as a native component of the product; increased performance of Sage ERP X3 by taking advantage of new capabilities and enhancements delivered by Oracle Database 11g; one-click installation of Oracle Database 11g with Sage ERP X3; and integration of the latest innovations of Oracle Database 11g directly in Sage ERP X3, significantly improving operational functions like backups.

In the future, the combined solution will also offer the use of Instant Client, which automates the reference to a database; use of Oracle Database Configuration Assistant to create database instances; introduction of best practices for backup/restore processes; increased performance through the use of Oracle Exadata and Oracle Automatic Storage Management, resulting in simplified and optimized storage management for database applications, higher performance and mission-critical reliability; and Sage optimized data exchange streams between servers, further strengthening the combined solution's scalability.

"We have combined the latest release of Oracle Database 11g within our solutions to the benefit of our mutual customers. To define, test and deliver a softwarearchitecture for Sage ERP X3 and Oracle Database 11g combined, will be of great value to our current and future customers. The net result is that Sage ERP X3 can offer one of the most powerful technologies to its customers with minimal TCO. In addition, the power of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine will provide customers with the highest performance and scalability to support long term growth and expansion," says Emmanuel Obadia, senior vice president, Sage ERP X3.

"The research and development Sage is doing in this area is very innovative," adds Stephen Boyle, group vice president, Worldwide ISV and OEM Alliances, Oracle.   "For ambitious mid-market businesses, the opportunity to roll out a standard set of documents, tools, utilities, and a backup strategy just makes a great deal of sense."

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