Salesforce Introduces New App Cloud Integration Service

Salesforce has announced the next generation of Lightning Connect, its service that allows developers and business admins to build real-time integrations with external data sources without writing any code.  The capabilities of the new service, dubbed Salesforce Connect, were outlined in a blog post by Adrian Kunzle, SVP, product development,

The updated service allows Salesforce users to access and manage data in external apps, whether on-premise or cloud, directly from Salesforce. The goal with the new offering, Kunzle says, is to allow workers to proactively manage customer data so they can connect and collaborate in an agile way, and be more responsive to customers.

According to Kunzle, Salesforce Connect allows users to

  • Create, read, update and delete records in various external source—such as order management, receivables, or inventory management systems—in real-time, directly from Salesforce.  
  • Writesimple Apex adapters that allow them to connect to APIs that aren’t in the OData format. This allows developers to easily connect Salesforce to any web API, as well as connect to the more than 10,000 public APIs available on the internet.
  • More easily connect multiple Salesforce “orgs,” or instances, in their company—whether across regions, subsidiaries, or functions.

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