SambaNova Systems Introduces the Next Generation of DataScale

SambaNova Systems, provider of software and solutions to run Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, and foundation model workloads, is releasing its next generation DataScale system. DataScale is a fully integrated hardware-software system that enables organizations to reimagine their approach to AI.

SambaNova enables the consolidation of AI sprawl into foundation models that are trained once and reused across the organization, according to the vendor.

“The new DataScale SN30 system achieves world record-breaking performance when compared to the latest DGX A100 systems,” said Marshall Choy, SVP of product at SambaNova Systems. “With this release, SambaNova is also offering subscription pricing for DataScale and Dataflow-as-a-Service, enabling organizations to achieve ROI faster, reduce risk, and scale more cost-effectively than with any other AI infrastructure.”

The next generation of SambaNova DataScale offers several key enhancements, including:

  • Better Performance: World record GPT training that is 6x faster to train than DGX A100 systems (GPT 13B)
  • Next Generation Processor: An enhanced Cardinal SN30 Reconfigurable Dataflow Unit
  • Support for the Largest Models: Terabytes of memory — 12.8x more memory capacity than DGX A100
  • Enhanced Full Stack Support: Additional deployment automation and ease of scale capabilities
  • Customer Value-Based Pricing: Subscription pricing now available

“AI is transforming industries and organizations as dramatically as the internet did,” stated Rodrigo Liang, co-founder, and CEO of SambaNova Systems. “Today’s AI innovators—the banks, energy companies, pharmaceutical companies, and national laboratories—are leaping ahead of competitors by deploying an AI ‘backbone’ that will power the next 10 years of application development and deployment. SambaNova’s solutions, deployed as-a-subscription, will enable them to scale their AI strategies faster and with minimal risk.”

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