Samsung to Extend Cloud with Joyent Acquisition

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has agreed to acquire Joyent, Inc., a public and private cloud provider. With Joyent’s cloud technology, Samsung will now have access to its own cloud platform capable of supporting its growing lineup of mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud-based software and services. The transaction remains subject to customary closing conditions.

“Samsung brings us the scale we need to grow our cloud and software business, an anchor tenant for our industry leading Triton container-as-a-service platform and Manta object storage technologies, and a partner for innovation in the emerging and fast growing areas of mobile and IoT, including smart homes and connected cars,” said Scott Hammond, CEO of Joyent.

According to Samsung, Joyent’s technology will enable Samsung to scale its own cloud infrastructure and services as it continues to innovate with new software and technologies. In turn, Joyent will be able to take advantage of Samsung’s scale of business, global footprint, financial muscle, and its brand power. Joyent will operate as a standalone company under Samsung and continue providing cloud infrastructure and software services to its customers.

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