SanDisk Acquires Storage Software Maker Schooner Information Technology

SanDisk Corporation, a provider of flash memory storage solutions, has announced the acquisition of Schooner Information Technology, Inc., an enterprise software company located in Silicon Valley that develops flash-optimized database and data store solutions. SanDisk says that Schooner's products complement its growing portfolio of enterprise solid state disk (SSD) and flash-optimized software offerings. Schooner's database and flash optimization experts have joined SanDisk's Enterprise Storage Solutions (ESS) team, and Schooner's products will be optimized for SanDisk's enterprise SSD portfolio as well as for enterprise SSDs from third parties.

Schooner's products are currently deployed by U.S. and international customers, including several Fortune 500 companies. Designed to fill the gap between stock do-it-yourself open source solutions and expensive high-end database deployments, Schooner's products aim to deliver enterprise-grade performance and power data center consolidation at a lower cost. According to SanDisk, Schooner's products deliver up to five times the throughput of competing configurations and also deliver near in-memory response times to mission-critical applications along with enterprise-grade replication and failover capabilities.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. For more information, visit