Satori Introduces New Data Store Access Control and Discoverability to its Data Security Platform

Satori, provider of the data security platform, is announcing the availability of Posture Management, a new capability added to the solution that comprehensively monitors the authorization of users accessing data throughout all of an enterprise’s data stores to prevent data breach risks. The announcement also introduces Satori’s Data Store Discovery feature, which identifies data stores within an organization’s cloud accounts.

Posture Management enables enterprises to proactively mitigate data breaches through its holistic analysis of user access to data stores, locating which users have over-privileged data access that may pose a security threat.

By scanning all data permissions and establishing an analytics layer over data access, Posture Management always provides insights into data access while also tracking KPIs; additionally, the new feature eases compliance audits and forensic investigations through an authorization permissions view that is customizable to a specific time period.

“Data access posture management is a critical capability that every data security platform should encompass, and our new Posture Management can help enterprises stay ahead of the game when it comes to data security and compliance,” said Yoav Cohen, CTO and co-founder of Satori. “Taking action against data security threats reactively is not enough in today's data-driven environment. Our goal is to empower organizations to take a preventative approach to protect their most sensitive and business-critical data. With Posture Management, our customers can take control of their data security and manage risk with ease.”

Organizations unsure of where their data stores reside no longer have to fear a data breach with Satori’s Data Store Discovery, enabling users to connect Satori directly to their cloud accounts for a comprehensive view of where those data stores are, according to the company. “Shadow” cloud databases, developed without proper access controls, will be discoverable and actionable through the new feature.

Both Posture Management and Data Store Discovery are now available to all Satori customers.

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