Satori Releases Data Access Controller Manager for Virtual Private Clouds

Satori Releases Data Access Controller Manager for Virtual Private Clouds

Satori, creator of a DataSecOps platform for cloud-based data stores and infrastructure, has announced the release of Satori Data Access Controller (DAC) Manager. Satori DAC Manager enables companies to secure access to sensitive data stored in customer-hosted Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) and automatically apply updates and upgrades with no downtime. With this release, Satori offers secure data access across any deployment environment, including multi-region and multi-cloud.

According to Satori, this capability is particularly important for hyper-growth companies that need to make more informed decisions, enhance compliance and reduce risk of breach while keeping data highly accessible. As companies continue to innovate, they need the flexibility to manage multiple data stores deployed across one or more cloud environments, whether private cloud, public cloud or VPC.

Satori’s Universal Data Access platform streamlines and secures data access across any and all types of environments to meet compliance needs without inhibiting accessibility that drives business decisions. For customers that opt to host their own environments on a VPC, the new Satori DAC Manager takes the difficulty out of managing upgrades and ensures that critical updates can be applied in production - within minutes and with zero down-time. Satori DAC Manager makes secure data access on VPCs simple. Users have the flexibility to choose and download a specific update package, launch a new version in one click, or select automatic updates during maintenance windows. A process that used to take ample resources and time is now as easy as a click of a button.

“Cloud deployments are ramping up in all industries with a growing volume of sensitive personal, health and financial data moving into cloud data warehouses and data lakes,” said Yoav Cohen, CTO, Satori. “It’s especially critical for hyper-growth companies to scale quickly and secure data, monitor access and draw insights from it – all without sacrificing innovation. They are turning to Satori to manage access to their most sensitive data wherever it is stored?across any region, data warehouse or cloud environment.”

Via, a global leader in TransitTech, is one of the early adopters using Satori’s DataSecOps and DAC Manager solutions to simplify and enhance the security of its global data operations.

Satori has also announced expanded functionality for intelligent data discovery and classification. In 2021, Satori saw a six-fold increase in active monthly users and a 25x increase in query volume, as the use of Satori’s DataSecOps platform expanded to new industries as well as new departments within existing customer organizations. Because these new deployments brought expanded data types to the platform, Satori now enables users to create custom classifications alongside standard classifications to identify, tag and protect new data types relevant to their organization. Custom classifiers are applied to continuous discovery and classification of sensitive data as the data is queried in real-time, ensuring that personal, health and financial data is protected from exposure or breach. Satori is taking data protection to the next level by defining sensitive data the way users want, across any environment.

The company also recently closed a $20 million Series A funding round co-led by B Capital Group and Evolution Equity Partners, with participation from Satori’s seed investor YL Ventures, and added two high-profile industry veterans to its executive team—Gaurav Deshpande as vice president of marketing and Ediz Ertekin as vice president of sales.

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