Scale Computing and RackTop Create Cyberstorage Solution for Defense Against Cyberthreats

Scale Computing, a market leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions, and RackTop Systems, an innovative provider of data security solutions in the cyberstorage market, are collaborating to provide the RackTop BrickStor Security Platform (SP) on Scale Computing Platform (SC//Platform).

According to the companies, the solution offers comprehensive, real-time defense against live ransomware attacks, insider threats, and data breaches.

The combination of BrickStor SP, a cybersecurity solution designed for cyberstorage, with Scale Computing’s robust hyperconverged and edge computing infrastructure, provides a powerful shield against threats in real-time, explained both vendors.

“Most successful business leaders today are always looking for innovative and secure ways to update their existing IT infrastructure. Traditional file servers are often complex to manage and have scalability limitations, as well as security gaps,” said Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing. “Scale Computing offers cutting-edge solutions to ensure that critical systems are protected, validated, tested, and ready for recovery anytime. Now, our integrated solution with RackTop provides organizations with the ability to further strengthen their cybersecurity posture, protecting valuable assets and sensitive information from today’s evolving cyber threats.”

BrickStor SP provides the ability to prevent data exfiltration from privileged and trusted users and to stop malware at the storage processor, while ensuring production data remains online and available to all uncompromised users.

BrickStor SP can be deployed within Scale Computing Hypercore clusters, delivering reliable infrastructure consolidation. When deployed as a Virtual Appliance, additional capacity and physical resources can be added with minimal disruption to production environments.

“All organizations are looking to create cyber resilience and simplify the management of their infrastructure. Our joint solution extends the simplicity, scalability, and high availability to the customer’s data.” said Jonathan Halstuch, CTO and co-founder of RackTop. “With Scale Computing we can ensure our customer’s data is always available to meet the organization’s needs and protected from data theft and ransomware.”

Key benefits include:

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Behavioral analysis and machine learning
  • Automated incident response
  • Seamless integration
  • Faster time-to-value

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